6 Easy Ways to Make a Motorbike Map Bag

By Zeta C. Donairee

There are only six steps needed to make your own motorcycle bag: prepare the materials, stitch the two vinyl sheets jointly, estimate and also tag the button and button hole areas, make the button hole cut, sew the button opening ends and button into place, and finally, slip the map inside the motorbike bag.

Maps are certainly essential to carry along on trips as they give you the guidelines you need. However, they can quickly get dirty and destroyed, particularly when you're on the open road on your motorbike. To keep the reliability of the map assure that you not just get the correct directions but are also able to use your map later on, you have to preserve your maps within vinyl envelopes or map bags. This information will guide you through the guidelines to develop a map bag for your personal map.

Prepare the materials

The first thing that you should perform to build a map bag is get the required materials. They include a needle, a roll of thread, 2 items of 15-inch-square vinyl, two scissors, a one half dimension button, a measuring tape, a pen, and a map.

Sew two vinyl sheets jointly

Get your needle as well as thread and stitch the two items of vinyl together. Stitch only 3 sides, which will create a square-shape envelope, 15 inches in size.

Measure and mark button and button hole locations

By using the measuring tape, estimate 7 inches from the wide open edge of the envelope to the center and tag this spot using the pen. Then, estimate and tag again 1 inches over the 7 inch line from the open side towards the marked spot you just created. This would be the place in which the button would close.

Have the button hole cut

On the mark you just made that was 1 inches from the side, slice a button opening that's a half-inch in size. Utilize the scissors to do this.

Stitch button opening sides and button into place

Using your needle and thread, stitch the sides of the button opening to prevent them from unraveling. Then, stitch the button into place by putting one of your hands inside the envelope and under the button hole.

Slip map inside motorcycle bag

Fold the map and put it within the vinyl envelope. Next position the button through the button hole to keep the map secure within the envelope. Because your new motorcycle map bag created from vinyl envelope is now complete, you may now place this in your motorcycle's glove or perhaps helmet pocket.

When performing a stitching activity, particularly involving the use of razor-sharp needles, be watchful and also cautious. If you don't concentrate on what you are doing, you might easily prick yourself. You could also use thimble to give your fingers additional protection.

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