Build Your Own Greenland Style Sea Kayak

By Martin Reid

You can build your own kayak in less than a month. One of the best designs around for a kayak is the Greenland Sea Kayak. This particular design allows it to roll easier than a modern kayak but remain lightweight and can be used on the sea. Something not all kayaks are designed for.

This special design is more like a clipper ship or fishing schooner. Just as either one of those are working craft designed with speed in mind so is this version of the kayak. The only modern match to this design is the newer multi hull boats or the modern version of the kayak.

There are a wide variety of plans to build one. It can be from a kit, from scratch or even custom built. They make a good choice for a seasoned or first time kayaker. Their speed and sleek design are the qualities that are constantly looked for in any boat. They are extremely lightweight, mainly because of the material they are designed from make them very useful in a wide range of environments.

Since they are used for a variety of reasons they are well designed for carrying cargo, making them an excellent hunting tool also. They usually range in size from about 18 to 20 feet to about 16 to 20 inches wide. With plenty of room for anything, you might normally need for hunting.

Originally built with skin on a frame they are now built of fiberglass and plywood. The length and width are usually designed around the user. One of the most common building techniques in known as stitch and glue, this involves the maker to bind the plywood that is wrapped around the frame with copper wire. Strengthened with fiberglass tape at the seams and then soaked with an epoxy for extra strength.

It can be built without a frame using thin plywood and the stitch and glue method. Such a frameless boat is finished by fiber glassing and epoxing in a process that is called wetting out, basically soaking the plywood panels not only on the outside but on the inside also to protect the wood with a layer of fiberglass and epoxy.

The kayak is then sanded smooth, which makes for a very hydrodynamic hull which also takes paint very well. The boat ends at a weight of less than 45 pounds but which is usually stronger and inexpensive in comparison to the more expensive fiberglass versions. However, it is just as useable.

Being easy to make has made them popular with the do it yourselfers. Although a solo carrier the thrill of making something that moves so nice on the water is hard to beat. Due to the lightweight and variety of uses for these kayaks they are becoming popular. Even just for recreational uses. Easy to carry around and still be able to haul whatever you desire whether it is for hunting or just camping, making this an extremely versatile boat with a wide range of uses.

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