Changing A Car Tyre - Advice From An Expert

By Mark Walters

Replacing a tyre can be a quick and easy process, so long as you know how to do it. When you replace a flat tyre by yourself you save time and money, which would have been spent on AAA or a tow truck. Instead of waiting, you can simply pull over and fix the tyre on your own. In order to change your flat tyre you need a few different items. The most important things you need when changing a flat tyre are a car jack, tyre gauge, a lug nut wrench, and a spare tyre.

When you first begin to change a flat car tyre you need to make sure that the car is moved off of the road and out of the way of traffic. You should park it on level ground and put on the parking brake. If it is an automatic, put it in park. If it is a manual, put it in gear. Make sure that you alert other drivers by putting on your hazards, and even by lifting the hood.

Once this is done you should place a large rock behind the wheel diagonally opposite the flat one if your car is facing uphill, or in front of the wheel diagonally opposite the flat one if your car is facing downhill, in order to prevent the car from rolling. Even with a slight incline you should do this. Gather the spare tyre, the lug nut wrench (also known as the tyre iron) and the car jack. You should remove the hubcap. Then you should loosen the lug nuts which hold the wheel in place. After this you should jack the car up carefully. The car should be jacked just higher than you need to remove the old tyre so that you leave room to place on the new one.

Before you jack up the car you should use a hollow pipe for leverage when using the lug wrench nut. You should turn the wrench counterclockwise in order to loosen the lug nut. You should remove the lug nuts and put them where they will not get lost. Once this has been done, you will notice that the flat tyre is held in place by the threaded studs. You should then place the new tyre onto the wheel. If you are unsure of which direction the new tyre goes you can look at the air valves and ensure they are facing out.

After this, replace the lug nuts. Now you can lower the car and then remove the jack. Having removed the jack, tighten the lug nuts once again to get them as tight as possible. Next, place the hubcap back on. That completes the process.

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