Great Tips to Set Up Your shed and Garage To House Your Bike

By Garry MacDonald

Often, people spend a lot of time in organizing their house but when it comes to their garage, they just don't care. However, it is important to have a clean and well-organized garage if you want it to be a safe place for you as well as for finding things around easily. Here are a few tips that can help you organize your garage and make it a much more useful place for you.

Throw out things you don't need. Some people apply a rule that if they haven't used something for a couple of years, they probably don't need it. You could be more strict on your timeline, but bear in mind if you apply a 6-month rule, you'll have to have exceptions like Christmas decorations.

The junk from the house usually ends up in the garage or toolshed. However, piles of things that you just don't need makes it very difficult for you to find things that you may actually need in the future. So, just pick those items such as baby toys, children's basketball hoops, broken chairs and old furnishings and throw them out. If you want, you can also sell some of these things in a garage sale and get some money. You can use the money to purchase a Christmas gift.

Things you need in your garage or garden shed

Garages and tool sheds can be a very useful place for you if you know what you need in there. So, first begin by asking yourself how many bikes, tools, cars and boats do you plan to keep in there and how much space do they actually take. You probably also keep your lawn mower and other gardening tools in there. So, figure out how much space these vehicles and equipment are going to take up.

Once you know how much space is left, you need to choose what you want. For example, a work bench and stool can be quite useful when you need to repair things around the house. A garage cabinet can be used to store all your tools, a fire extinguisher, gasoline, various chemicals, a power cord and numerous other things that should not be stored inside the house.

Shelves on the walls can be used to store sports gear, garbage bags, and holiday ornaments. These are things that you want to be easily accessible although you may only need them once in a while.

Keeping it cool and dry

You should spend some money in maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels in the garage. High humidity and high and low temperatures can damage your vehicles and also lead to the growth of mold, which can enter your house and cause health problems for the residents. So, spend some money on installing an equipment that maintains ideal temperatures and keeps the humidity levels low.

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