Locked Keys In Car I have An Answer

By Carl Hartley

Coming out of the grocery with your shopping cart full, you see your locked keys in car. This has happened to many people who ignored where their keys were, or were caught with too many things on their minds. There are things though that anybody is able to do to prepare for this happening as well as when you find out that the problem of keys locked in car has happened.

The metal coat hanger or related long stiff wire is one of the most well-known solutions. A section of wire is straightened out with one end bent into a "J" or "U" hook. This improvised tool can then be used to either hook the locking switch inside or to hook the internal lock inside the car door.

The second option is if the window has some space at the top, a wedge like a chisel or putty knife or similar instrument can be tried. This can on some cars be wedged between the frame and window. While pushing inward, pressure is applied to the top of the window and the window then is pulled down enough to reach the lock.

The techniques of the coat hanger or wedge usually work with older cars, and may or may not work with newer vehicles. When locked out of car with modern vehicles you may find extra security features that prevent them from working. There are things you can do to deal with this concern on modern vehicles.

One easy thing anyone can do is create a backup key so you can get into your locked vehicle. A few minutes at a locksmith can get you a copy of your key which can be attached to your vehicle with many devices made for that purpose. Or you could slip that copy into your purse or wallet as a backup when you need it.

A service that can be used to get into cars, or for other automotive difficulties is AAA. This club provides many services for its members related to automobile care. One of those is for locksmith services for your vehicle in case of problems.

Tow services and police departments often have the tools to open vehicle locks. Tow services which can cost are usually pretty fast to respond. Police departments though, may have a bit of a delay but do not charge. So speed vs cost may decide what service you use here.

As a last resort, a locksmith service can be used on your vehicle. For this possibility, you may want to check if your auto insurance pays for this cost. Belonging to an auto club that covers this service would help you with the costs.

Many people have locked keys in car sometime in their lifetime. It is only a major problem if you don't prepare beforehand and know your options. Take the best options for yourself from this article and if you see the glint of silver from your ignition, you can quickly and easily solve the problem.

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