Stitch and Glue boats - The best ones to build

By Martin Reid

The Tug Along is the newest and the most recent stitch there is...

The Tug Along is quite new and is the latest stitch and glue design of plywood that you can build by yourself. It may be your very first time as a boat builder, or you may be a seasoned professional. You can build the Tug Along in sixteen inches, or in eighteen inches in lengths, both along with seven inches by nine inches beam. This is a practical and simple yacht, but I assure you it can turn quite a few heads, whether it is on the water, or simply perched on a trailer.

The flat hull bottom can provide the most excellent stability, and what is more, it will not rock when someone is moving. The evident and obvious nice and huge high windowed cabin can get your attention, and also the 6 6 of the headroom can somehow make this tiny boat seem like it is unusually spacious.

If you want to have a great and wonderful boat that will take you too many enjoyable rides over quiet lakes, water bays and rivers, then this is the boat that was definitely made for you.

The Tug Along is brainstormed and specifically designed for an outboard motor up to around fifteen horsepower, of which can be possibly concealed under the runs along some partial tunnels, or under the decks.

If you are wondering about the sleeping accommodations, you do not have to worry about it being cramped , because the sleeping accommodations are quite spacious, and has berths that are expanding to five by six by six by three. The room is also being provided with a small galley, which has a sink, and a stove, as well as a helm station, storage, and a portable head.

If you want to know about the dimensional layouts of the new and latest tug along boat, its full size dimensional layouts that are very much provided for the almost virtually all parts of the boat. These are quite easily laid out unto the wood, cut, and then assembled. A side from this, it also includes vast and substantial written instructions , and also a manual about the Stitch and Glue.

Almost all the things that had been created by man was first built in their minds, so is the tug along, designed and also built for the very first time within the mind, on the other hand, there are some seasoned builders who finds it a lot more fun creating the project in a straight-forward manner.

Tug Along Characteristics Length overall: 15' 10" or 18' Beam: 7' 9" Hull depth midship: 41" Hull weight (approx): 450 pounds or 525 pounds Overall height: 7' 7" Cabin headroom: 6' 6" Water capacity: six gallons Holding tank (gray water): six gallons. Fuel capacity: eleven gals. Power: Outboard motors to 15 hp

Hull type: The hull type of the tug along has a flat bottom, and is developed for sheet plywood along with a rounded stem. For the standard and customary sized plywood, this is pulled together by the Stitch and Glues construction means or methods.

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