Use Dory fishing boat plans to build your first boat

By Martin Reid

Have you heard anything about a Dory? We are not talking about the well known fish of the name but the boat that is called a Dory.

A Dory is a shallow draft boat with high sides. They are designed in such a way that they can carry a large amount of cargo with a minimum of difficulty. Add to the fact that they are very hard to tip over, and you have one of the best cargo haulers ever made. They are usually between 15 to 22 feet long. One of the primary uses is for fishing but they obviously by their design can be used for a variety of things.

With the ease of construction and the amount of uses for the Dory it is easy to see why they have been around for a very long time. There are several different variations of the Dory to be found in early Europe. They were also used a lot in the 1700?s in the New England area and Nova Scotia. Anywhere you could use a boat probably had a Dory on it at one time or another. To this day different variations are used for a variety of uses. One of the more popular is for sailing.

There are plans available for a motorized version also. Regardless of the method of movement or use for the Dory it is a boat that is here to stay.

Plans to build a Dory are available all over the Internet. The design has improved over the ages, especially as new building materials and techniques have become available. If you plan to build one you should use the best lumber available, pine for the planks, for example, and birch or oak for the rest of the boat. If you build a Dory with one of the better quality woods it can last for more than 30 years. After all the time, you spend building and creating you will want to enjoy your investment for a while.

As plans become more prevalent on the Internet make sure you do not settle for drift boat plans that are hard to read and not as useable. Always insist on good quality material that explains every step in a detailed fashion. If you decide to build one yourself, you will need basic tools. Just the normal stuff you probably already have such as a hammer, saws and clamps. If you need to buy extra tools make sure you buy good quality. After all the cost will be worth it once you show off your work.

Good plans will always list the material needed and tell you how to minimize the amount of waste. If you are a person than can follow directions and use tools then you can build your own Dory boat. When you are done you will have a work of art that you created, and that you will enjoy with family and friends for years to come. So build, enjoy and share your creation.

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