Actions Inside your 'Winterize Outboard Motor' Drill

By James Bennett

Having a winterize outboard motor checklist will guarantee that you do not miss any of the important steps to help keep your engine in good order over the layup. Appropriate maintenance will prolong engine life and prevent pricey repairs down the road.

Starting using the owner's manual could be the 1st step. "Surprisingly this is one that many people skip. Every little thing you need to know is detailed inside, also as warranty-protecting specifics relating to parts and lubricants.

Should you run the boat in brackish or salt water, the unit ought to be flushed with fresh water to stop corrosion. Using a kit created for this purpose makes this part of the routine easier. Just connect it to the unit's cooling program and run the water by means of.

Adding a fuel conditioner to the tank on your last day of operation is suggested. Draining both tank and carburetor is also good policy. There might be a plug on your gas tank or it is possible to disconnect the fuel line.

To drain the carburetor, just permit the gas to run out, either by running the tank dry or by disconnecting the fuel line. When the engine stops, the carburetor is dry.

Every spark plug must be taken out along with a small oil added to the hole. By turning the flywheel by hand, you will be lubricating the cylinder walls. Put the plug(s) back and hand tighten. Checking for loose bolts, nuts, and screws is easy at this time and may possibly stop a issue later.

Run over the entire engine with a soft cloth to eliminate excess oil and to spread a thin coat of oil more than the metal surfaces to stop rust. Eliminate the battery, if any, and store it with a full charge, checking the water level within the cells. Full cells will hold their charge. Maintain every little thing inside or under a waterproof cover.

Following a step by step winterize outboard motor drill makes this annual chore straightforward and lets you might have a entire winter's worth of peace of mind.

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