Car Accidents

By Jodie Moss

Road traffic accidents are by far the biggest killer of any form of transportation in society. Even if you aren't in a car you can be injured in a road traffic accident simply walking across the road as a pedestrian. In society we are seeing an increase in the number of hit and run accidents and we are being warned to take extra precautions before we step out onto the road.

Accidents such as hit and run can happen anywhere and they can be the fault of either the pedestrian or the car driver but in many cases it is the speed of the car that is at fault. On roads where there are little or no areas to cross, impatient pedestrians can step out onto the road in frustration and therefore cause a hit and run accident.

Depending on where you live there are different rules relating to hit and run accidents but in almost every jurisdiction it is the responsibility of both the car driver and the pedestrian to report the accident to both the police and their respective insurance agencies.

To leave the scene of a crime without reporting it is illegal in many areas and therefore if you are involved in an accident of this type it is crucial that you report it quickly and accurately. If you do leave the scene and a member of the party is injured or killed you could be charged accordingly. Road safety campaigns have been introduced to highlight the importance of slowing down, even a ten kilometer per hour reduction can save lives.

Speeding is a major cause of hit and run accidents and this is especially prevalent around school zones where tight speed restrictions are put in place to ensure the safety of students. Many parents are in a hurry to pick up their children and as there are usually a great deal of parked cars lining the streets adjacent to schools it is often hard to see a pedestrian who suddenly steps out from behind a car, usually it is then too late to hit the brakes.

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