Getting A Gps Unit For Your Car

By Gregory Adamonoff

Navigation is an art and a convenience. Once upon a time it was a skill that determined survival, these days, the ability to navigate and find places helps save time and effort. Not everyone can look at the sun and the stars and plot a route, moreover, no one has the time to do so. And when you are lost, the last things you really want to do are read your map and try to determine where you are or how you got there. This is where GPS navigators come in handy.

Having a portable auto GPS auto gps unit in your vehicle often enables you to navigate your around most places. These days, most midranged to luxury cars come with built in GPS units that feature voice navigation. For those whose cars don't come with a built in unit, you can get one installed at your local mechanic or do it yourself. These latest models are easy to use and event he best auto gps units are easily affordable. These units are compatible with most cars. There are also some models of portale auto gps receivers that can be removed from the vehicle and used as a standalone unit when necessary.

Most GPS units come with a few preloaded maps and others can be downloaded onto the device from the manufacturers website or via auto upgradeds. There are also numerous applications that add value to these machines. Turn based voice guided navigation is especially useful for driving as you don't have to look at the screen. You will never get lost in a city if you have the latest generation of portable auto gps receivers. It is also possible to locate restaurants, shops, malls etc. using your gps unit. You can receive periodic traffic updates and find the shortest route etc.

The higher end models also have web browsing features built in. Since it connects to the internet via network technology, city driving may have an issue when tall buildings block out the signal from the cell tower. When shopping for a portable auto gps unit make sure it runs on your car battery and has built in batteries as well.

A gps receiver is as good as it pinpointing ability and signal reception. The location inaccuracies can range from 1 to 30 feet. This miss on your actual position is due to signals deflected by tall buildings. That being said, a portable gps unit is quite handy for everyday use, just make sure you get one that best suits your needs.

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