These are some top tips that could help you avoid getting into a motorbike crash when you ride

By Wilson R. Hepner

The statistics on bike accidents are shocking, to say the least. An average of 4,000 to 5,000 motorbike accident related deaths happen annually in United States. A minute proportion of bike accidents are caused by road risks, animals, or climatic conditions but a massive majority of these devastating collisions happen on routine, local trips and at intersections where other drivers either can't see the motorcyclist or fail to yield to the motorcyclist's right-of-way.

Sadly , although the statistics show that most multiple-vehicle motorcycle accidents aren't the fault of the rider, the general public is biased against motorcyclists and consider them to be reckless; so police, juries and even the family and families of the victim of a bike accident may be inclined to point fault away from the other drivers and place laxity on the rider.

These are several tips for avoiding a bike accident that all riders would gain advantage from, not only to stop accidents but to guarantee they aren't considered responsible for any that can occur.

Most motorcycle accidents don't happen to approved, responsible, law-abiding riders who take all acceptable safety measures whether or not they are legally needed or not. For this reason, it is important to take proper motorcycle coaching courses and to practice riding often under safe conditions to gain the quick reflexes that prevent collisions. Even the best self-taught riders can learn straightforward tricks and safety principles from a rider's course that they may never discover on their lonesome.

Once correctly trained and licensed, all riders must obey traffic laws, posted speed limits and traffic lights. Most important is to obey the posted speed boundaries on freeways or roads as these roads are the second-highest location where motorcycle accidents happen and the #1 location where all deadly motorbike accidents happen. For those comfortable obeying traffic laws, it's also necessary to get into the practice of continually checking ones speed to stop the over-speeding that kills so many riders.

Motorbike riders should avoid driving while drunk or under the influence of alcohol as alcohol is involved as a partial or complete cause of most auto accidents in the U. S. , both automobile and motorbike.

Riders following the tips should stop most potential motorbike accidents, but in the event of a true accident that can't be evaded and is essential to have the name and number of a competent LA bike accident attorney handy before any accident happens.

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