What To Do When Tires Cause Your Vehicle to Vibrate

By Daniel Akinson

Did you know that your tires can actually cause vibration in your car? If your tires have thread that is too low or is distributed unevenly, they can actually cause your car to experience vibrations either at high or low speeds. Another cause of vibration in your car can come from tires that aren't properly balanced. If you feel your car vibrating, you must check your tires and perform whatever the necessary adjustments are to correct the situation. Vibration can make you more susceptible to being involved in an accident. You can also avoid additional repairs that would be required if the vibration were to continue.

1. Balance your tires.

Properly balanced tires will keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent vibration. If you discover that your tires are unbalanced, one solution is to put weights on the inner and outer rims of all four tires on your car. You can tell if the rims are weighted by turning your steering wheel to one side. When you do this, if you find that the tire already has a weight, the vibration may be due to the weight itself. In this case you will need to properly adjust this issue.

2. Damaged rims.

If unbalanced tires are not to blame there are other factors to consider, such as bends, breaks or cracks that can also contribute to vibrations in a car. It's dangerous to drive a car that has damaged rims, as this condition can worsen existing damage to the wheel assembly as well as the body of your car. It is important to fix this kind of problem as soon as possible.

Step #3 - Inspect your tires for any defects or damage.

Inspect your tires closely, look for bubbles or bulges that should not be there. Then roll the tire forward to check the entire surface for problems. Vibrations can also be caused by any slight or serious damage or defects on the tires themselves.

Step #4 - Check your tire tread.

If you notice that the tread of your tires is uneven, this can be a reason for your vehicle vibration. You should check your tires regularly to make sure the treads are even, and keep a record of any uneven wear. Rotating your tires often will prevent this from happening. The best way to do it is to move the front right tire to the back left and the front left tire to the back right to effectively rotate your tires. Regular tire rotation will help the tread on all tires to be worn equally.

For those that are so inclined, there are vehicle vibration controls that can assist in the assessment and diagnosis of your car's vibration problem. These controls will signal that there is a problem, which you should have repaired as soon as possible.

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