Boat Covers - A Boat's Best Friend

By Nicholas Lancaster

A boat cover is the first line of defense in the safekeeping of your boat. Purchasing a boat is a heavy investment, and it is also a very valuable asset if you like to spend a lot of time on the water. If you are a boat owner, you are obligated to maintain it well and in shipshape condition.

Boat owners understand why a boat cover is very important and serves many purposes. It keeps your boat clean and dirt free, and also keeps away dampness and mold. Under cover, your boat will be immune to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. These rays can be very destructive and harmful for color of your boat. Ultra-violet rays are also destructive to the rubbers in your boat which are liable to harden up and crack after some time.

A compatible fitting boat cover can save your boat from animals, especially nesting mammals, squirrels and rodents, which are constantly searching for a place to hide. The result is that you will be spared the unnecessary and preventable maintenance expenses. A boat cover also saves your boat from scratches and other marks, and can perform as a great restraint to theft.

There are plenty of boat cover selections available for a boat owner. Boat covers are categorized as either custom boat cover or the universal style. Both will serve the basic purpose of providing protection for your boat.

Basically, the custom cover has different dimensions to provide the perfect fit for different boat measurements. Its main advantage is that it will provide a more or less exact cover and protection for your boat. Of all the different boat covers, custom boat covers are considered as the best. They can be a little more costly compared to universal covers, but will be the best selection of your choice.

As a rule, a boat cover comes with its warrantee period. The absence of a warranty means that you are taking a risk of buying a boat cover with a suspect quality. A typical boat cover is made of polyester, poly-cotton blend or polyester-canvas. Each is considered to be of good quality. Polyester is the most popular material as it doesn't stretch or shrink. A poly-cotton blend as implied is a combination of two materials, while the cotton-canvass although adequate can break down faster. Boat covers are offered in up to ten different colors so you have plenty to choose from. If you do not know it, be warned that black colors can affect the performance of your electronic equipment.

In conclusion, a boat cover is an important accessory for any boat. It not only provides protection from the elements, but also helps to maintain the quality of your boat, thus saving time and money.

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