Auto Accidents And Employing A Lancaster Car Accident Attorney

By Katherine Liebermann

Someone who was recently involved in a car accident must receive a medical help and talk to a seasoned Lancaster car accident attorney. Study has found that approximately 57 percent of auto accidents are caused by driver factors, such as careless driving, intoxication or human error. Although 27 percent are caused by driver as well as roadway factors, 6% are caused by vehicle and motorist factors, 3 percent are caused by a combination of roadway, motorist and vehicle factors , 2 percent are caused by only vehicle factors and 1% is due to roadway and vehicle factors. The other 4% have unidentifiable factors.

Even the most basic ways in order to avoid auto accidents are not being put to use. One example is applying makeup on while driving. This only seems like practical sense. You can picture the woman who is applying eye liner and having a collision all at once. Her eye can get poked out, blinded, and for what? Practical sense is not as common as we would like to imagine.

Roadway maintenance could likewise contribute to auto accidents, yet not to the extent that motorists make use of it as a reason. Sadly, maintenance schedules as well as processes vary greatly from one city to another and one state to another, thus nationwide standards don't exist. There are some potential roadway maintenance flaws that you should be aware of. Debris on the roadway could be a problem, and is the responsibility of local highway departments. Faded road signs, and signs obscured by foliage, occasionally contribute to auto accidents. If you know of any offending signs, call your local police department to find out if they could get the issue fixed. Potholes cause a few accidents (mostly tire as well as suspension failures), yet the incidents frequently occur at low speeds and don't lead to a lot of injuries. Call the police in order to get large, unsafe holes taken care of. A few cities have pothole complaint lines which are active during the winter as well as spring.

Many wintertime accidents tend to be attributed to inadequate salting or sanding of icy roadways, yet as so frequently, the true cause is often excessive speed. Recent environmental worries have curbed widespread salting in recent times so less effective materials such as clay, sand, and soot have replaced it in a few areas. The reality is that when highways are icy, speed must be reduced whether the roadway is salted or not.

You have to be extra attentive when driving to prevent car accidents, and thus being in need of a Lancaster car accident attorney. Another important basic safety practice when driving is refraining from using a mobile phone. Cellphones probably cause most of the auto accidents these days when the driver has been negligent. Each day you see people on their mobile phones jabbering away while cutting other vehicles off while driving along unaware to the reality that anything other than their conversation is going on. Now, that is dangerous. Even with a headset, having a conversation while you're driving a vehicle can be risky. You aren't using all your senses to pay attention to what is going on around you.

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