Bellevue Chiropractor Recounts His "Vacation" On The Carnival Splendor

By Dr. Michael Weir

If you have ever planned a vacation you know the excitement that is involved with preparation. Planning on gourmet meals, lots of sunshine and the Mexican Rivera, Dr. Michael Weir of Bellevue WA and his wife embarked on the Carnival Splendor on November 7th 2010. To their horror that is not what ended up happening. Instead they ended up "dead in the water" with no electricity, no toilets, and cold food. "We had been planning this trip for 9 months and were very excited to go on vacation with friends", said Michael Weir, owner of Back in Action Chiropractic in Bellevue WA.

Dr. Weir's unexpected adventure started on Sunday afternoon, when the couple and their friends boarded the ship and enjoyed a wonderful evening with great food and wonderful entertainment, completely unaware of what was ahead of them the next morning. Six AM the next morning they were awoken to the boat rumbleing and shaking. "At first I thought it was just heavy waves, but as soon as the captain came over the loud speaker telling us there was a mechanical problem I knew something big was happening." The shaking was from the main engine powering the boat catching on fire and then catching the electrical system on fire as well. These fires sent massive amounts of smoke flooding through the boat. "We had to leave our rooms almost immediately because of the amount of smoke that was flowing through the halls and cabins."

Dr. Weir explained, "My main concern through the whole ordeal was the sanitation on the boat. Because of my public health courses in school I knew that a major concern in a disaster is the lack of public restrooms. When all of the toilets on the ship would not flush, I knew there could be a problem." After 12 without flushing toilets, the bathrooms on the main decks were full to overflowing and the smell from the toilets in the staterooms was overwhelming. Eighteen hours after the power went down, the ship was able to regain function of the toilets, and just in time. "I truly felt that we were 3 to 4 hours from a sanitary disaster, if they could not get the toilets to flush." The toilets were not the only sanitary concern though. "The smell of garbage and rotting food was almost too much to bear. By Thursday they were even putting bags of garbage in the elevators to try and help disperse the smell."

Michael went on to say, "I was very impressed with how well the passengers on the boat responded to a bad situation. There could have been pandemonium, but every one stayed very positive. There were even nights that you would not have known that we were stranded at sea, people singing karaoke, dancing, and laughing." After months of preparation and closing his Bellevue chiropractic office, Back in Action Chiropractic, Dr. Weir maintains a positive outlook on the whole situation.

Dr. Weir and his family were extremely happy to be home, but maintain that they have no reservations about going on another cruise in the future. "It was a big disappointment to close my office and not be available for my patients, only to have a week stranded at sea, but we made it home safe, and we get another cruise out of the deal."

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