California Truck Accident Lawyer - The Secret on How to Drive Safely Around Trucks

By Nikki Shields

Did you hire a California truck accident lawyer to defend yourself from those big trucks on the freeways? Are you afraid these trucks will hit your car one of these days? Do you feel better knowing that you have a California truck accident lawyer to protect your legal rights? If this is the case, then you are off in a good start. Getting a lawyer is a great method to ensure your rights are protected. Now, it's time to train you to drive safely around these big trucks.

It can be difficult to get around the many obstacles you face when driving. Trucks increase the chaos on the highways, so whenever they are near, you have to be even more cautious. Driving on the highway around large trucks can be quite dangerous, particularly in bad weather and if you're in a small car. If there were an accident you would definitely be the one in serious danger over the truck driver.

Anywhere you drive, you will undoubtedly encounter a big truck. From country roads to city streets, big trucks are everywhere. And you have to understand that even though it's the responsibility of all drivers to be always safe and drive defensively, trucks don't have the same stop and go capacity like the normal car. To assume otherwise, and drive carelessly or inconsiderately around a truck can cause accidents, injuries and even death. Here we will look at how to drive your car safely around big trucks.

Stay in sight. Do not tailgate and if you're on the highway do not pass on the right side. Do not hang out on the back tires of the trailer too. These are all places where it is difficult or impossible for a truck driver to see you. Don't believe the warnings posted on the backs of trucks. Many trucks have created the statement: "If you can't see my mirrors, then I can't see you." Trucks have large blind spots. Instead, follow the saying: "If you can't see the truck driver's face in the truck's side mirror, then he can't see your car." To prevent a truck's blind spots, keep no less than 4 seconds or 200 to 250 feet behind a truck. One of the stupidest and most life-threatening acts of road rage that a car can do to a truck is to cut in front of them, and then pull a brake check. Doing this is risking to be flattened especially if there's no other means of avoidance for the truck.

Change your speed if you become uncomfortable when a truck is in the lane next to you. If your lane is clear ahead, speed up staying within a safe speed limit. Otherwise, drop back and allow the truck travel on. Leave your "me" zone, and look around. By this, when driving on the highway, pay attention to the traffic around you. Look out for the exits and entry ramps. Watch for stranded cars and trucks. Maybe even take the time to look out for what the truck will have to deal with. Having a California truck accident lawyer is good to know however you still need to learn how to drive safely around trucks. In case you forget, look at this article every time you enter your car.

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