Car Accident Lawyer LA - Discover how to Become a Driving Teacher

By Katherine Liebermann

Are you confident that you will employ the assistance of a suitable car accident lawyer LA due to your occupation? Are you a driving coach in Los Angeles? If so, then you certainly made a wise decision by employing a car accident lawyer to begin with. You'll make use of their services a lot more than an average Los Angeles driver. Let's just hope you don't get into any accident in the first place. A driving instructor educates people, frequently teens, the basic skills required to drive a car. This could be in a classroom, for example basic driver's Ed and protective driving classes, or in a practical setting. They also offer education in secure driving behavior and courteous driving. Whether or not they are introducing teenagers to the art of driving or training people to be better drivers after receiving a ticket, approved driving instructors carry out a vital service. With thousands of traffic fatalities in the country each year, it is no wonder that defensive driving instruction has turned into a more sought-after occupation. Not only does society benefit when more drivers cultivate safe driving practices, but so do the people who teach these habits.

Learning to be a driving teacher is a fairly simple process. It could vary slightly from state to state, however the procedure is going to be comparable throughout the country. State statutes and regulations govern how to become a driving teacher. The following describes the procedure in Maryland and offers some additional information on job possibilities in the field.

If you're considering being a professional approved driving instructor, there are a few basic steps on becoming one. Download and study the Department of Motor Vehicles Driving School Instructor Plan. It is a guide that contains facts about driving instructors and the prerequisites to become a licensed instructor. This and all other forms can also be obtained personally at a DMV office. You simply must download and complete the DMV forms OL 16, DL 546A, OL 221A and OL 221M. Associate yourself with a licensed driving school before you apply to be a certified driver education teacher. Make sure you match the minimum requirements before you apply. You must be at least 21 years of age, have a high school diploma or its equivalent and a valid license to drive the kind of vehicle you will be certified to teach.

Get your fingerprints taken by a Department of Justice accredited Live Scan electronic fingerprinting service. The California Attorney General's site lists approved Live Scan companies as well as their telephone numbers, addresses and charges. You can even contact police officers for information about Live Scan providers. It's required to pass a criminal background check and a driving history check. Take the DMV driving instructor's written exam. Information about the test and study aids are available at the DMV website.

Since you're learning to become a driving instructor it is best for you to get a suitable car accident lawyer LA for the first few months of your employment. It will take a minimum of six months or so to get used to your new career. Best of luck!

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