Discuss Your Dog Bite Case With An Irvine Personal Injury Lawyer

By Nikki Shields

Get in touch with an Irvine personal injury lawyer to get assistance with a dog bite case. Have you been bitten by a dog and require aid filing a dog attack lawsuit claim? Dog attack figures report that most of them are brought on by dogs that the victim knows. The legal rights of a dog bite victim depend on state, city, or jurisdiction where the attack occurred. Dog bite laws differ from one state to another, within states, and in some locations, certain known breeds, such as pitbulls, may have strict rules which forbid them from being in open public places or require the owners of certain breeds to carry special insurance policies.

In most states, a victim can recuperate compensation from a pet owner because of the state's dog bite regulations. According to the regulations, a dog owner is responsible for all bites, even if the dog has never bitten anyone previously. Dog attack statistics report that regardless of the varying state laws, a victim can restore compensation if a person who violated a leash law or a dog bite law prohibiting dogs from, "running at large" and if a person who kept a dog with the understanding that the dog had a history of injuring or attacking individuals.

Dog bite statistics in dog bite cases demonstrate the frequency and seriousness of these events. Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States wants medical attention for a dog bite related injury. It is estimated for every dog bite that is reported, three go unreported. Nationwide, as many as one million people yearly require medical treatment for dog attacks. More than 334,000 victims end up in the emergency room from dog attacks. More than 4.7 million people, or 2% of the U.S. population, are bitten by dogs each year. More than half of all the dog bite victims are young children. National statistics estimate that 60% of dog-bite attacks happen at home, either by the family or a friend's dog.

Dog bite statistics show that a substantial amount of dog attacks are perpetrated by family or known dogs. Nevertheless, sometimes a victim can recover compensation from people who, at first glance, might have the symptoms of little to do with the dog. For example, a property owner may be responsible if he knew that a tenant kept a dog that is prone to biting people, if the property owner had the capability to remove the tenant.

A dog bite case cash advance will prevent that and allow your Irvine personal injury lawyer the time he would need to get you maximum dollars on your case. Dog bite lawsuits can take awhile to settle. The homeowner will almost always claim provocation. Even with a strong case and a great attorney these lawsuits can take several weeks, sometimes years. You have missed work and the bills do not stop because you are hurt, in fact, they increase because of your injuries. Do not let financial stress cause you to settle early and cheap. Ask your personal injury lawyer about this.

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