Get Your Car Prepared For Winter

By Jake Jefferson

Even if you live in a mild climate, there is certain safety and comfort aspects of your car that you will want to take care of as winter dawns upon us.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, ice, fog and rain in the winter make absolutely sure your auto has the appropriate tires. We will not stress enough the necessity for chains in snow and perfect treads in rain, sleet or ice. Auto-mobile tires are the most vital safety feature for your winter driving, but also check other parts of your auto-mobile and get anything that needs attention fixed at the end of the summer, so you'll be ready when the winter comes.

In the winter you need heat even if your car is old make sure that it heats up quickly having some heat in the winter is 100 times better than having none. It will make a difference to your steamy windows too.

Ensure that your windscreen wipers work and that the rubber does not squeak. If you live in Britain then get on this, it rains there every day and any squeak will get into your bones and when you are on the highway in pouring rain that'll be when that alert squeak turns into a completely broken wiper leaving you stranded.

Do the right thing for your vehicle and buy some good quality antifreeze. Do not scrimp on it put the right amount in your radiator do not just top it up a new radiator will cost a lot more than a bottle of antifreeze.

Nights and days are darker in the winter so make sure that your lights and indicators all work. Include your fog lights in your monthly light check and carry an entire set of spare bulbs and fuses with you at all times.

Put some blankets in the boot of your car it pays to have emergency supplies when you are making a long journey. Not only can a blanket keep you warm if you get stranded or your heating breaks down you can also use a blanket to get you out of trouble. In snow a blanket in front of your tyres can provide enough grip for you to get going again.

General engine upkeep is important all year, but especially important during the winter. Make sure your car is in good working order and that you have breakdown cover particularly if your car is unreliable, nobody wants to stand in the December rain or snow trying to hitch a lift.

Change the oil on a regular basis and confirm that you have got enough water in your radiator. Being prepared for winter is easy, kit out your auto as soon as you can.

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