Guide to Filing Complaints Against "Lemons" in Texas

By Seomul Evans

So you've got a lemon in your garage in Austin. That's tough. Now there are two ways on how you can react to a situation like this. One, you can go on and submit the car for repair at the nearest car repair shop. And when the car trouble once again shows up, just repeat what you have done before. The second option is to file a complaint against the dealer or the manufacturer of the 'lemon'. Between the two, the latter is the recommended move. Getting it documented and filing a complaint is the most effective way of bringing the issue to the table and getting resolutions and if compensation, if necessary.

How to file complaints in Texas

The rules that govern the filing of complaints in Texas are written in the Texas Motor Vehicle Commission Code. And to be more specific, these rules and regulations are outlined in Section 107.2 referred to as 'Filing of Complaints'.

When it comes to filing of a complaint, consumers should note that this should be done in writing and should be filed with the Board in Austin, Texas. The complaint should be documented, either in the form of a letter or any other written format.

The complaint filed should be well-documented. What this means is that the complainant should include the facts and the erring party so that the other party will know the nature of the complaint.

A complaint cannot be considered as an official complaint if it does not included the important details. Some of the details include the name, the address and the phone number of the vehicle. Other details to include in the complaint are the following:

1. The identification of the vehicle should be included, like the make, model and year and the manufacturer's number of the vehicle;
2. The warranty coverage;
3. The dealer or the seller of the vehicle;
4. The delivery date of the vehicle to the current owner;
5. Also, the complaint should also include the current mileage of the vehicle and the mileage when this was purchased and leased. And speaking of mileage, the complainant should also report the mileage where the vehicle showed problems;
6. It is also important that the complaint should elaborate on the current problems of the vehicle and its history of issues and repairs. If possible, the complaint should come with the attachments that cover the repair jobs, estimates and costs;
7. The complaint should also include the date of the written notification to the manufacturer or the distributor;
8. And the complainant should also include other papers and documents he/she may see fit and applicable in the resolution of the complaint.

If the complainant does not know the procedures in filing the complaint, there is always a representative of the Board on site that can facilitate the filing of the complaint. In relation to filing a case, it should be noted that there are some applicable fees that should be remitted to the Commission. The complaint filing fee should be remitted to the office either by check or money order. The fee is not refundable, but the complainant can ask for reimbursement if the case filed has been declared in the complainants favor. After the complaint has been officially lodged against the seller/dealer, then another set of procedures commences.

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