How to Buy Your First Motorcycle

By Enzo D. Villari

Chances are if you're searching to look at your CBT Training you then also provide your eye over a scooter or motorcycle. You simply need to open up a scooter or bike mag and you'll immediately observe that there are just so many options. It is easy to want more than one; the truth is I remember my short list being far much too long. Exactly how do you cool your motor and select the best bike for you personally?

Well the first thing to think about is the method that you are going to utilize it? After taking your CBT might it be a weekend fun machine, a commuter vehicle, or your sole way of transport? Answering this question can assist you to write a summary of 'must have' items. One example is if you intend on commuting how would you carry your projects clothes?

What size engine will you need? Well, in case you are in the beginning stages you might very well be restricted to a 50cc anyway, but if not you'll want to think about the speed of the roads you travel on. Pertaining to case in point if you ride in your own home to work in a constant stream of traffic then a 50cc might be more than enough and in addition safe you some money. If you ride on more open roads then the extra power of a 125cc might help to stay with the flow of traffic and keep you safer.

Do you want a geared machine or possibly a twist and go? If you're planning on getting the bike license then a geared motorcycle is the way to go, however, if not then a scooter or moped could be acceptable for your needs.

What size do you want? There is absolutely no point buying a tiny machine if you are a big person. The best way to really tell the method that you are going to fit and feel on it is to get around to a few dealers and try some for size. Ok, you may not need a new one, but simply going to a dealer gives you an idea of what other services they offer (many of which you might need in the future).

What is your capacity to pay? I always believe it is better to get a good quality second-hand bike than a new substandard quality one. Remember the budget is not just for the initial purchase, but the price and availability of spares and servicing afterwards. Waiting a few weeks for a part may not seem that bad, in case I added up the money it would cost me to get the train to work each day then it soon adds up.

I am certain you have your ideal bike or scooter in mind, use the time before your CBT to work out what you need, go and see some and calculate your budget. You might find that something you hadn't even thought of just feels 'right' to you.

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