Just How A Car Accident Lawyer San Bernardino Can Help On The Different Types Of Neck Injuries

By Katherine Liebermann

Car accident lawyer San Bernardino has represented a lot of victims of car accidents having whiplash and other severe neck injuries. Neck injuries happen often in speeding accidents, rollover crashes, as well as rear-end accidents. Injuries are specifically common in more mature motorists, women, and tall individuals, especially if the headrest has not been correctly adjusted. The severity of a neck injury can vary from extremely mild whiplash to paralysis from the neck down (quadriplegia). Neck injuries are usually combined with serious spine injuries and also head injuries. It is always recommended that you seek medical help immediately after a serious car accident. Even a dull pain at the base of your neck could possibly be an underlying symptom of something much more severe.

Different types of Neck Injuries: 1) Cervical Fracture. A cervical fracture is actually the breaking of one or more of the bones in the neck area. Because cervical fractures are commonly connected with serious back injuries, like spinal cord injuries, it is important to see a medical doctor for a medical examination immediately after an accident if you feel any pain or discomfort in your neck. Symptoms of cervical fractures consist of tenderness and pain, bruising, inflammation, as well as loss of sensation in the arms or legs.

2) Cervical Radiculopathy. Also called a pinched nerve, it is a severe condition that usually happens as a result of a herniated disc, but may be a result of anything putting pressure on the nerve roots in the spinal column. Signs and symptoms could be felt in other areas of the body, anywhere the nerve extends. Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers, and painkillers. If the condition does not improve with the use of a cervical brace or steroid shot, you may need operation. After surgical procedure, therapy can prevent additional injuries.

3) Cervical Disk Herniation. Spinal discs work like cushions in between the vertebrae bones of your spine. A herniated disc is occasionally referred to as a bulging disc. A herniated cervical disk injury could happen if your head strikes the windshield in a car crash. If a disc gets herniated, the outer band of the disc breaks or cracks and a jelly like element (called the nucleus pulposus) leaks out, inducing pressure in the spine canal and around the nerve roots. A dull pain in the neck, arm pain, along with numbness in the arms and fingertips, are common symptoms. When the herniation is really serious, surgery may be required to get rid of the part of the bone covering the nerve. A herniated disc is not often identified at the scene of a car accident or even in an emergency room. Normally, an MRI is required to identify one. MRIs are the recommended test for diagnosing disc herniation, because they give better soft tissue visualization than CT scanning.

Necks injuries could be profession ending and affect your capability to savor life. If you become permanently impaired as a result of a serious auto accident that was not your wrong doing, car accident lawyer San Bernardino will aggressively work out compensation for all your medical expenses as well as permanent disability, for as long as medically needed.

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