Have you got a 90 day payment plan for your customer to get the automobile repaired in your auto shop?

By Wymetto Barnard

If you own an automotive shop you know sticker shock always happens all every time. In the present day's economy it is worse because folk are endeavoring to hold on to their funds. Mastercards can be be exhausted or credit is so bad they could not have any options like a 90 day payment plan or applying for another Mastercard. Often I talk to shops who say they are busy enough and do not worry about the clients that will not be able to afford getting their auto fixed right the initial time. This is definitely not the situation in our economy now but there are one or two shops out there with that perspective.

Should you take checks and hope the check is good? To many of us have been burned by that situation. You can only live in such a small township and know each person to take that chance. Either look for a company that will guarantee the check and you do what you do best and fix the car in the correct way. You don't want to have to stress about payment options but you own the business and it should be at the upper tier of your daily priority now.

Acquiring a new Visa is tough. Your prospects are doubtless tapped out and if the do have the money to get the auto fixed it could eat on the emergency hard cash just left on the balance of the card. Times are tough and you need to understand that not all eventualities are avoidable. That client may be a life long purchaser if you help them out in that emergency scenario that might improve as time passes. The old saying 'never throw out the baby out with the bath water ' is evoked. Credit cards will not always choose the way in which it was years in the past when we all owned at least four credit cards. It actually was looked at as being cool to have so many cards - not today.

Having cash is king and we know that. But what if it was for a fix that cost 1000.00 greenbacks? I didn'thave a grand laying in the house and specially in my pocket. Folk are hording funds nowadays anyhow. Emergency funds have dried up on mastercards and hard currency is the new 'in'. That doesn't mean they want to burn the whole thing. Medical is the number one critical situation and fixing the vehicle from the auto shop is number deuce.

Just plain can't have a method to pay for the repair job. If there is no in house options to cover a significant repair job you could have to turn down. Inhouse financing like a 90 day same as cash is too dangerous unless you have a platform that will pay you up front with no risk. You've got an investment in parts and labor; not to mention the lease on the building, tools for your store and just your daily bills. Find other options since the economy surely will not going to get any better for a while. What if it was you on the lookout for an answer? Now you can feel the discomfort of your purchaser.

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