Make Driving Fun Again With Volkswagen Henderson

By Dianna Harper

For many persons born post World War II, a VW was the first vehicle. These small and economical vehicles offered better fuel efficiency than most American made vehicles. With the engine located in the rear and air cooled, the cars were fun to drive and offered some innovations not yet found in American cars. To relive that fun driving experience, drivers should take a trip to Volkswagen Henderson.

During the late 50s and 60s German engineering made driving fun. The Beetle was close to the ground and had a body that could float on the water. Today, German engineering offers even more to drivers than it did fifty years ago.

While VWs were first imported into the US in 1949, there were only 2 sold that year. However, by 1955 over a million had sold. In 1972 more Beetles had been sold than Model Ts breaking the previous record. In 1973, the 16 billionth VW was sold in the US. The key to the popularity was the fact that these cars were known for reliability.

In 1968, Dean Jones stared along with Herbie. Herbie, number 53, was known as the Love Bug in a series of movies with the same name. Herbie seemed to be a car with a mind of his own. Eventually, Herbie drove down Disneyland's Main Street in order to celebrate the success of the movie.

Production of the original beetle ended in the early 1970s. As the world looked for better fuel efficiency, VW introduced several vehicles, including the Rabbit that were much more efficient. The Golf soon became the leader of the VW line. It was not until 1998 that the New Beetle was introduced on the world markets.

While similar in body style to the original Beetle, the new Beetle offers significant changes. The body was wider and lower to the ground. More significantly, the engine was now water cooled and located in the front of the vehicle. The design has remained popular with customers.

VW has announced that production of the Beetle will stop once again in 2011. While there will be a replacement introduced, Beetle lovers will mourn the loss of the vehicle once again.

Whether looking for parts for a classic original VW Beetle or looking to buy VW's replacement for the New Beetle, customers will find a visit to Volkswagen Henderson a great way to meet their needs. German engineering still shines in the automotive industry and customers can own their own edition of these great vehicles by visiting a store where driving can be fun once again. Read more about: volkswagon Henderson

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