Making Used Car Donation Worth the Cause

By Bobby Lee

Used car donation system might not be the best choice for many. Before you call me selfish and Parochialistic for not supporting charity, I want you to read the rest of article and understand why I don't support donating used car in most situations. By the way, I donate to charity personally and I highly believe that it is crucial for greater good of the humankind; helps to change lives and bring in satisfaction in ones own life. Donating car might simpler since it is just calling a 1800 number. But I would prefer to do it in an efficient way.

First of all, car donation works well only if the car is in good working condition. Allow me to ask you a question? How many of us donate a good working condition car? Mostly we donate it, when it is about to falter in to pieces. The broken cars, that we donate don't utilized as program cars. Rather an auction company auctions the car to salvage/junk cars. Eating up the auction commission. The result: Charity gets a little.

The second reason is conversion. Ask the popular car donation charities how much of money they get from your donation reaches the needy. You'll be surprised with the % figure you get. Not that they misuse it, but it take a lot of effort to convert your junk into money. Take a look at the Charity navigator ratings on program efficiency. You will be surprised that most car charities run at an efficiency of less than 50% Lately I read a news write-up about a charity here in my town, which spent 70% of the cash in their call center operations alone. And think about their facilities needed to take possession of the junk you're delivering, (towing) inspect it and sell it.

Thirdly, donors are under the illusion that they get to cut back their tax. This is false. You get to reduce only the earnings that's taxed. Those are 2 different things. So what I do I suggest, you do with your used car?So in a nutshell, When you have a car and in great condition that you are willing to donate and when you find a car charity that has a high program efficiency (greater than 65%) than call that 1800 number. If not disposing it thro Junkyard or Craig list and donating the cash to Charity is a much effective option

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