Muscle Cars & Vehicle Insurance Pplans

By Marielisa G. Henderson

Many of us can remember their first car, and if you're about 40 or 50 years old your first car was probably an authentic American muscle car. Many people all through the United States are on a quest to find outdated muscle cars to restore.

The main reason for this particular desire is that we're not making these types of cars anymore. The main question is who will start manufacturing them again?

Chevy and Ford have been releasing new models of Camaro's and Mustangs ever since the 60's. The problem tends to be that with each passing edition, they move away from the raw power of a muscle car into something more scientifically advanced. Can we ever get to experience a car that has a 327 along with a 4 barrel carburetor again?

Unfortunately the response to this question may well be never.

The true issue is that people want to constantly upgrade things just for the sake of it. One perfect example of this is the 1967 Camaro, which was one of the best muscle cars ever.

So if this classic car was so popular why did Chevy stop producing it and why have they not made that type of model since. And also this applies to the 1966 Mustang, an amazing car with a great style and they just stopped making it.

Here's where it becomes intriguing. The legendary VW Bug ended key production in the late seventies, but was released a few decades later. This new Beetle sold well in spite of its ultra modern design. Had they stuck to the original style, they could have sold more.

It can't be helped that these people assume that new is always better.

One of the most important thing might be this. What might you do if Chevy announced that they were producing a new Camaro with a 327 engine and a 4 barrel carburetor with no modern technology?

I may have actually quizzed hundreds of folks in recent times and they all say that they would go out an get one. So what is the trouble with the car people? It looks like there's a need for these classic cars but it doesn't appear as if the car companies are listening.

At what point is Ford, Chevy or maybe Pontiac likely to say, you know what lets develop a car like we used to. I imagine that they may become hot commodities. Until Ford and GM realize this, we will have people digging around salvage yards and the Internet for classic muscle cars to rebuild.

We may get lucky and some day these companies will choose to start making them. As of right now, the existing leaders simply believe adding new technology will make a better muscle car.

For me personally I think it's about time to return to the essentials.

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