Save Money Using Windshield Repair Kits

By Velma Joseph

The most basic composition of a windshield is a laminated safety glass which is made up of two curved sheets of glass. These have a plastic layer laminated between them for safety, hence the name. A windscreen's primary purpose is to protect the occupants of a vehicle from external factors during travel such as wind, dust and insects. It also acts as an aerodynamically adjacent window towards the front of the vehicle. Upon signs of impairment, windshield repair kits might be the best way to go.

A repairing process may require the utility of certain tools and the possession of skills. Damaged areas in windscreens require the use of special adhesive resin which, when exposed to ultraviolet light, becomes cured and hardened. This allows the damaged area to be fully repaired and restored.

Manufacturers of windscreens designed their products to withstand high speeds and minor obstacles. They've toughened windscreens using intense pressurizing. This is the reason why a simple and seemingly harmless crack in a windscreen can cause a lot of damage. One small crack alone can spread to incomprehensible proportions which might cost for more repairs.

A car owner can also opt to call for professional help and have the repairs done without the added burden of additional tasks. Remember that when self-repairing the windscreen, do the task without any exposure to sunlight. Resin will react to the slightest sunlight exposure will make the repairs look horribly performed.

The damaged area should be cleaned by removing pieces of broken glass using a razor. One should do this carefully and meticulously. Any remaining piece of broken glass might jeopardize the beauty and effectivity of the repairs.

Then thread the repairing tube into the suction cup tool. Screw this tightly using your hands. Again, make sure that the alignment of the repairing tools are precise. The success of the procedure is solely dependent upon the alignment. Then add the resin to the repairing tube. Although the instruction might say to add only two drops, four might be a better idea. Do not use too much nor too little of the resin.

Using the plunger from the kit, make sure to pressurize the resin into the damaged area. The addition of pressure allows the resin to be in the proper place and to look as neat as possible. One can detect if enough pressure is added when the plunger gets harder to screw.

The last step is to add a clear finishing film above the repaired area. Follow instructions carefully on the proper mounting of the film. The purpose of this film is to make sure that the resin is spread evenly and thinly upon the surface, making it blend in as part of the original windscreen. Windshield repair kits are one of the most effective and less costly ways of repairing and restoring windscreens.

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