Some Non-Standard Car Accessories Most People Ask

By Harold Green

Recall the first car you actually bought? Would you recall the way it felt to be driving off the car lot or even the smell of the new car? You may even honked the horn to make everyone realize that you had a brand new car. Of course, as you were driving, you were probably thinking about the extras that you didn't get for your new car. It wasn't because you couldn't pay for it, except it wasn't included in the sale. You can find at least six accessories that most cars needs to have, but don't.

Will you believe that floor mats are one of those things that are generally missing when you get into your new car. Rather, you get one big sheet of paper for the car owner. You'll see the inside of your car get soiled pretty quick without any floor mats. The carpeting can get pretty worn out if you don't use mats and can be an issue if you are leasing the car. You will have a headache when you get charged for returning the car with ruined carpet.

The trunk can be a place that certainly will get dirty, so it would be great to see a cargo liner as standard equipment. There are a few of the car manufacturers who have proceeded to include the liners with the original price, but many have it as an costly accessory that the buyer gets to pay for later. Another thing is not using a bug shield as typical equipment. There is no way to stay away from having bugs splatter all over the front of your car especially if you live in humid areas. To reduce the splatter against your windshield and hood, you should purchase a bug shield or bug deflector.

An automobile bra is one thing that is stylish, but guarding your car is the best reason for getting one. The bra is wonderful for safeguarding the hood and grille from the debris that comes up from the road. One more accessory that you may not have heard of is a brake dust shield. Brake dust shields minimizes the dust that kicks around and dirties your car or truck.

The auto cover is another essential accessory to have because it protects your car's finish. Your car or truck can be harmed by dust and indoor air pollution, as well as solar rays, wind, moisture, and much more. A breathable car cover, at under $200, can give your car lots of protection. You should obtain these accessories online since they tend to be cheaper than if you ordered them from the dealer.

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