What are the Advantages of Driving Motorcycles?

By Jane Claire

Motorcycles have advantages over four wheel vehicles. For example, they are much cheaper and easier to maintain. They do not consume as much fuel as a car.

One of the main benefits of using a motorcycle is the ease of controlling and navigating it. You can easily pass through heavy city traffic in no time. With different choices and kinds of motorcycles, one of the best to ride is mopeds.

This type of motorcycle can run on low power. With a flick of a lever or switch, the engine can be disconnected. This will enable the driver to utilize the pedals so he/she can ride it manually like riding a bicycle. As a matter of fact, the term "moped" is two words "motor" and "pedal" combined.

Moped motorcycles have a lot of advantages over regular motorcycles. Their small size and small capacity engine power enables them avoid safety restrictions and licensing charges that are needed of larger motorcycles.

Mopeds, although mostly unable to reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour, are very fuel efficient. A typical moped can get around 220 miles on just one tank of fuel. Because of this, mopeds became very popular, especially with the advent of today's energy crisis.

In the US, the glory of moped motorcycles have been lessened or diminished due to the creation of new and better fuel-efficient four wheel vehicles as well as the reduction of gas charges.

Despite this fact, a lot of countries still utilize these vehicles, majority being young individuals. This is due to the lower age requirements that the law imposes to drive these vehicles as compared for bigger cars or bikes. They are considered safer than larger vehicles because of their tinier size as well as reduced engine capacity.

A lot of countries use the moped for diverse and logical utilities. An example would be on Asian countries such as in Malaysia and Thailand whereas they use the mopeds to transport deliveries over short distances. They strap on baskets on either the back or the front side of the vehicle where the merchandise are to be placed.

In fact, in these countries, moped motorcycles have become so popular that even shops along the streets have allotted parking spaces exclusively for mopeds.

Seen in the Philippines, these mopeds are somewhat given a touch of artistic decorations such as neon lights and stereo systems which give moped motorcycles a more appealing side. However, these mopeds are also used for an illegal activity, street racing.

Prior to driving one, you should first assess the different rules and regulations regarding moped motorcycles.

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