Why Buy An RV?

By Lynna Espaillat

It's strange because you'd think that because of gas prices going up that the sales of RVs would go down but it's actually the complete opposite. The sales of RVs are actually on the rise.

If you think about RVs in the past you'll remember that the large majority of owners were retired people and pensioners because it meant they could enjoy life and travel around in their retirement days but now more and more families are buying them for their holidays.

Unfortunately the trend is going that most families don't have the money to go on foreign holidays at the moment so they're investing in RVs so they can travel around in comfort.

The great thing about RVs is that you never have to worry about finding hotels or making dinner reservations.

Many people used to look down on RVs because it was comparable to camping or being a bit rough but these modern RVs have pretty much everything. Beds, kitchens, tvs. They're pretty much a small home on wheels. So comparing RVs to camping these days just doesn't make sense.

My favourite thing about owning an RV is that you can just go where you want when you want at your own leisure. You have the control. You don't have to worry about plane tickets, booking hotel rooms so if you wake up one morning feeling spontaneous you can just go wherever your want.

The real reason RV sales are up though is because even though it'll cost a lot to run because gas prices are up, in the long run you'll save money because you wont have to pay for air tickets, hotels, accomodation and all that stuff. So even though they are expensive they'll work out cheaper in the long run.

It's not something everyone is interested in but owning an RV means you can make friends with other RV owners and join clubs where you can meet up.

RVs are great and these are the reasons why RV sales are up.

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