Alfa Romeo Automobile Deals

By Byron Cowell

There are many people today looking for the best automobile bargains, like Alfa Romeo 156 deals. This is because the brand is a true, reliable, Italian car name. Alfa Romeo, founded by Cavaliere Stella, was made to build cars according to his exact preferences, which it succeeded in doing and promoting through the help of other big names like Giuseppe Campari, and Enzo Ferrari.

When the 2nd World War came, however, the AR factory was bombed and heavily damaged, and would have meant the death of the company had they not turned to creating smaller cars in 1954, which are more affordable, and very reliable. But this change did not lead to the disappearance of the style and chicness the company's cars have been known for, because even their smaller models were very beautiful and well-designed. This change in direction for the company lead to the development of many iconic cars that are still famous even today.

While Alfa was already popular in Europe at the time, it would take a movie masterpiece and one iconic scene to bring AR to the global spotlight. One movie, called "The Graduate," saw a young Dustin Hoffman behind the wheel of one of the company's most famous cars, the Spider, a car that brought the AR name to the world. Used Spiders are still sought after even today, but a used Alfa Romeo 156 would be a truly great bargain, because of one reason - racing.

Alfa Romeo has won many racing championships over the decades. In fact the 158 Alfetta, would seal Alfa's name in history by winning the first two Formula One World Championships in 1951 and 1952. Even today the car company continues to win with cars like the 156, which won both the Italian Super Touring Car and European Touring Car Championships many times the past few years.

Today, Alfa Romeo's legacy lives on. There are still thousands of people looking for the best bargains they can. Whether brand new or used, these vehicles are very good investments.

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