Animal Bite Lawsuits and Irvine Personal Injury Lawyer

By Katherine Liebermann

If you choose to file for a dog bite lawsuit, you will need to consult a good Irvine personal injury lawyer to understand your rights and requirements for filing. Dog bite lawsuits arise when the dog bite is serious enough to result in personal injury, emotional aggravation, and hospital bills. It can be beneficial that you write down the dog breed and also the dog owner's contact information because you will be needing it while filing a canine bite lawsuit.

Even though state laws are different, pet proprietors are usually considered legally accountable for their animal's actions, and therefore are recommended to pay all medical bills along with lost wages resulting from the particular attack. They could even be directed to fund the bite victim's pain and suffering. If the pet owner is particularly negligent -- such as letting a pet dog regarded as dangerous run loose -- there might be multiple or punitive damages, in addition to separate legal charges.

A simple dog bite case, with standard medical treatment plus some time off work but no major injury, permanent damage or scarring, could possibly be managed in Small Claims Court, commonly with no attorneys. Filing fees as well as other fees for the claimant can run $20 -$320 or more, but tend to be given back by the accused in case you win. For an animal bite incident with critical injury, emotional aggravation and hospital bills, the majority of attorneys do the job on a contingency basis; they don't get compensated before you do, and then they take anywhere from around 30-40 percent of the funds acquired. (Usually the attorney's percentage is lower if your case is settled pretrial and higher when it goes to trial or is appealed.) If you don't receive any money in a settlement or court judgment, you do not owe any attorney's fees.

The legal wrong of trespass takes place when one party goes on the land of another person without authorization. A pet is recognized as an extension of the owner/possessor of the animal. In case your car was wrongly parked and rolled onto the property of another, causing damage, then the owner /possessor of the automobile would be liable for the damages or injuries caused. Similarly, it's acceptable to regard a pet to be a legal extension of the owner /possessor of the animal. Nevertheless, it ought to be mentioned that pets represent a complex set of issues and for that reason the dog owner may or may not be responsible for an animal's trespass.

An Irvine personal injury lawyer might charge a portion of all money received; others take their percentage after the medical bills are paid. In a case with $50,000 in healthcare costs and a $100,000 settlement, an attorney charging 33 percent of the total gets $33,000. Typically within the United States, recovery for injury to the person or property was based upon one of the legal principles found within the family of common law torts. These principles include trespass, negligence, and strict liability. Each notion has its own elements that have to be proven by the harmed party before the law will permit monetary recovery for the damages inflicted by a dog.

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