Are Government Auctions Worth A Look?

By Abry Summers

Some boat buyers never benefit from boat auction opportunities simply because they either are not interested in shopping for a boat at auction or they merely a brief attempt at it once or twice and when they're unable to locate their exact model on day one they promptly stereotype that all boat auctions are a scam or waste of time. Nothing could possibly be further from the truth. Naive presumptions such as this serves auction attendees all over the world. It allows them to purchase a repo boat for example or any seized asset at a significant discount.

Of course most never benefit from this kind of option mainly because they either are not interested in pursuing a boat at auction or they merely a half-hearted stab at it once or twice and when they're outbid they immediately assess boat auctions are all a a huge waste of effort!. Nothing could be further from the truth. Quick presumptions within the auction industry serves auction goers all over the universe. It allows for them to purchase a bank repo boat for example or any seized asset at a serious discount.

Government agency auctions are typically free to view and you can do so online. You don't need to pay to view Government auctions! They're available online. And you can pre-inspect if you're willing to drive. Most of them are open to the public and available for viewing online. Gov't agencies. Sources like GSA and USMS are great places to start. But again Government agency auctions aren't the only source you'll want to peruse. There are too many options to consider which is why I tend to lean on auction services that aggregate and organize all that in advance.

Transparent marketplaces like Ebay or Government Liquidation are ok places to start as you might find marine equipment, accessories, parts, or small boats for auction. But there's typically only a small inventory available at any given time. Besides transparent market place like the above are ripe with bidders willing to pay more than retail if it's something specific they want or need. So be careful not to get to excited about high traffic auction sites.

As an example one of the transparent sources that you frequently find Gov't seized assets is Bid 4 Assets. Since there's literally thousands of other non-government yet similar assets being auctioned off on this site to the public it's difficult to get a worth while due to the fact the entire online world has obvious view of what's up for bid. This is the reason I prefer member based resources online that keep most looky loo's from over valuing and bidding. This is why eBay (an extremely transparent venue ) is difficult to find main stream assets i.e. cars, trucks, boats, etc. at a significant discount.

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