Are Red Light Cameras Effective?

By Brooke Ford

Chances are that there are probably red light cameras in the city that you live in. These capture an image of every vehicle that doesn't stop at a red light. All of the images are reviews by a human before a ticket is actually issued. Dave Sinclair dealer offers great prices on ford f150 fiesta brand new cars in Golden Valley and Bloomington in MN.

Experts estimate that around twenty percent of all accidents are due to someone not stopping when the light turns red. It can be really dangerous because when people want to run a light they will increase their speed greatly. You can imagine the devastation of getting t-boned from the side at 50 mph or even faster.

People are more likely to obey the laws if they are faced with a potential large fine. Plus there are so many intersections to cover and a large number of offenders; as a result, cameras are a lot more effective. Sure, cops can do this job too but they won't be able to catch everyone.

In order to protect yourself, don't just automatically accelerate because it's green. Always check to make sure that no one is running a light and that the road ahead is clear. It's better to be safe than sorry.

So what can you do to in order to protect yourself from folks who run lights? Always look right and left when the light turns green. Don't ever automatically assume that the cars on the other side of the road have stopped just because your light is green. It's better to be safe than sorry.

However, there have been some accidents that were actually caused because of the cameras. Some individuals stop so abruptly that the car behinds them just doesn't have a chance to stop. However, rear end collisions are usually less serious than side ones.

Not all cities embrace this tactic of catching offenders; it has been deemed illegal in NY. Los Angeles is still on the fence about this issue. Yes, the city does currently have cameras in place. For used and pre-owned cars in St Louis, check out Used Accord St Louis Dave Sinclair dealer for a large used selection at low prices.

There has been a backlash against cameras in some states; they are banned in New York. Los Angeles is still on the fence about this issue. Yes, the city does currently have cameras in place. However, the courts have ruled that offenses are not enforceable because there aren't any witnesses who would be able to testify in a court of law.

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