Bikers Raise Eyebrows, Funny Biker T-Shirts Raise Laughs

By Casey Mills

Bikers need funny biker t-shirts just like Hollywood need public relation agents. Bikers have gotten a terrible rap over the years because of the heinous actions of only a very small percent of the motorcycle world. There is no doubt that there have been some historical evidence of crime within the ranks of American bikers, but that doesn't mean that every weekend rider has a pocket full of drugs to sell.

Most bikers are very nice guys. They have families they support and jobs they go to every day. The world of motorcycle enthusiasts exist on crisp weekend mornings, riding with friends, and enjoying the wind on their face. There is nothing shameful about the term "weekend warrior", because 90% of cyclists do the same thing and wear the same funny biker t-shirts.

Bikers, in general, have great personalities. They love to share a laugh, and their senses of humor extends well beyond that of racist jokes and sexual conquests. They may put on a gruff exterior, but there is a jolly soul hidden somewhere inside of them. There is something about the freedom of the road that fills a man with a sense of wonderment, and laughter is not far behind their lips. That's why you are likely to see them sporting funny biker t-shirts when you see them cruising down the road.

Bikers are full of depth and humanity, and are nothing like the way they are represented on film. They love the road because of the happiness it brings them and not for some silly image of fear. A biker wearing funny biker t-shirts is probably just trying to make themselves more approachable and easy to understand. It may not be a conscious effort to do so, but nobody wants to be reviled while following the hobby they love.

All of this boils down to observing the golden formula: Respect others as you would have them respect you. Just remember that these are other human beings and not monsters. Judging someone by the clothes they wear and the way they look is just as bad as making racist judgments on people for the way THEY look. Instead, try judging them on the funny biker t-shirts they wear, the charity they do, and the smiles on their faces.

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