Boat Auctions Guide For Finding Real Deals

By Arthur Courter

Right now there are cheap boats being liquidated all over the U.S. at local and regional boat auctions that quietly sell for 50% or more under retail. Up until a few years ago they were difficult to find. They aren't as prevalent as cars or trucks but boats can be found extremely cheap since the owner whether it's a bank, Gov't agency, or owner in default can a highly motivated seller.

I'll be the first to admit that finding a decent boat up for auction isn't easy. But if it was then the payoff wouldn't be as good. Most boat buyers want a cheap boat but aren't willing or don't know how or where to look to find a steeply discounted boat. There are a lot of boat auction liquidators you can find via. Google but that's still far from the best way of finding a cheap boat. It takes a lot of time to regularly sift through local and regional auction houses via. Google or your favorite search engine.

How much can you save buying at auction? It really depends. If you bid and then win the first boat you see at auction you'll probably may only save 5% or less. However, if you view a hundred boats, check out 5, to bid on 2, and only win 1. Well, you probably earned yourself at least 50% equity. That's a great and smart way to buy a boat at auction.

Each auction house you visit will have an inventory that you can view that ranges anywhere from a couple to hundreds of ski and bass boats, jet skis, as well as RV's and ATV's for bid. Some auction websites are easy to access and view making it easy for absolutely anyone to view and place a bid on any boat they showcase. Other sites will ask for a one time or a one time or annual fee that ranges anywhere from $30 to $300. Most boat buyers will quickly over look websites and only view the free auction websites and end up competing with every other half-interested, 'tire kicking' shopper on the internet. On these sites finding a great buy is hard to find in my opinion.

I've found that most boat buyers considering buying at auction will look the high traffic, transparent sites like Ebay or Nat'l Liquidators and maybe a few other free boat auctions sites near the top of Google. Those boats get a lot of eyes and a lot of bids and typically sell for around market value. Ebay does offer a big selection of boats and pwc's however, many are being advertised by either unmotivated or unrealistic owners. And if they're not dealers then check what kind of seller they are. Ebay is a notorious online venue whereby boat sellers 'accidentally' forget to disclose a particular ongoing issue that would obviously devalue boats value.

There's a lot of hype over Government auctions and how the Government is somehow seizing thousands of boats daily? Well, it's just not happening. If you go to any of the Gov't auctions online (which are free to access) you might find several boats along with some equipment and maybe a few motors. But that's about it. Don't expect to find a surplus inventory of boats for auction at Government agency or police auctions. Period.

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