Car Accidents Caused by Cell Phones

By Ted Andier

By law, any cell phone that can be turned on can connect to 911. This is always a free call and does not require a service plan or service provider to dial. There are more than 100 different organizations in the Washington, DC area that make free cell phones available that have been reprogrammed for 911 emergency calls. Every organization works independently but performs the same work to prepare the phones for 911 use.

"The insurance company sent medical release documents that would have released my entire medical history to the insurance company instead of just the records related to my accident." Don't talk about your claim unnecessarily . What you say to others today can cost you big money later. Injuries almost always signify a time to speak with an attorney. Talk with her. After the Accident Slow Down If you're feeling pressured to do something, that's often a signal to become more vigilant over your personal interests. Sign documents only when you are ready to release the claim or understand what you're signing.

Legislation is the government's response to prevent accidents as our nation's roads increasingly become filled with more drivers, more teen drivers as well as older drivers. Carefully designed regulations are geared toward preventing the most commonly occurring car accidents, such as teen car accidents. The regulation to keep teen drivers from driving with passengers right away is effective because the most common cause of accident is driver distraction due to another person in the car.

Teen car accidents are the number one cause of loss of life for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 20. This unfortunate number is a big reason why a lot of states have started restricting the driving of teenagers to make sure teen drivers remain safe. In many states, new drivers may not drive at night or non-family companions in the car until the teen drivers have had their licenses for a while. Unfortunately, even though this regulation is not as effective in preventing teenager car accidents as it could be. The reason is that a lot of parents do not follow the law as closely as they could, and allow their teenagers to drive with passengers right away.

In general, cell phone regulations work to curb cell phone use in cars by introducing a fine for talking on your cell phone while you're driving. Depending on the area where you live, this fine varies. Since the fine can be anywhere up to $450 in some areas, it might seem excessive, but these fines are proving to effective. While fines to reduce cell phone car accidents are being implemented in many communities, they are still controversial.

"My broken hand seemed to heal just fine, so it was time to call my lawyer and finish the claim. It was almost a year after the accident and suddenly my hand began to burn at the break site. Within a week I needed another X-Ray.". Insurance companies can drag their feet when it's time to pay doctor bills or car repair invoices, especially when submitted by an individual driver. There are time limits. Some insurance companies automatically approve payments when submitted with a letter by an attorney.

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