Car shops need to discover ways to increase profit

By Wymetto Barnard

Automotive Solutions for Client Payment

I've been in the automotive solutions Industry for 25 years. My favorite line is "remember when the automotive industry used to be fun?". It's hard out there and we're all feeling it. Now you not just need to compete with the man down the line but contend with the economy. Simple decisions to get your car fixed the first time is a pain staking call because of a cash flow thought process. Do I exhaust my Visa card and get the automobile fixed or get a little done and come back when I have more money? Do they really come back?

Automotive Solutions for repair stores

When a client comes in for a twenty five buck oil change and you notice they need new brakes or tires. Now that 20 greenback job is a 500 and 20 dollar job. The purchaser must make the choice on the spot and review the automotive solutions. Visa cards are nearly tapped out; they don't need to make an application for another card, and they do not have six hundred dollars in their back account. If you had a 90 day same as cash programme they can take that six hundred bucks and break it into 4 payments. No-brainer -

Automotive Solutions for Crash Shops

Some fool just ran into my automobile. It wasn't even my fault! You have heard the tale before but we still need to pay the deductible. So now I'm broke five hundred to 1,000 greenbacks. This effects you not only for the deductible but what if it was a $8,000.00 buck job? You lost that also. By providing a 90 day payment program as a part of your automotive solutions you get paid in full the deductible and save the eight thousand greenback job. The buyer is happy because money flow is saved and it left room on the credit card. Customer service again shines as they look at you and your shop with purchaser payment methods to reduce the pain. Your competition is hurt as this buyer recommends your shop to their friends and the cycle starts! By offering another automotive solutions You have no recourse to you and never need to chase people or bad checks. Remember; this is a no credit needed that is key in today's economy. Have a look at your purchasing habits and reflect if this programme would trap you in your choice of a car repair shop. Doctors, barristers, dentists, vet, and plenty of other professions are offering this 90 day payment program for their client payment solutions and so should you.

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