The Chopper - An American Classic And Its Chopper Parts

By Sue Ellis

Choppers are among the most recognizable and awe-inspiring road-worthy machines out there. These customized bikes epitomize all things wild and creative in the bike world. In simple terms, a chopper is a bike, usually a Harley Davidson or Indian, which has several of its parts 'chopped off'. This makes the bike even lighter, improves its handling, and of course, makes it more striking to look at.

We have to go back to World War II to trace the birth of choppers, as soldiers back home in the USA wanted something lighter than the bikes they rode in European shores. Of course, the bikes they rode in between battles with Der Fuhrer and Il Duce's respective armies were heavy and cumbersome, so they removed unnecessary parts from American bikes, thus resulting in the first choppers. But as the immediate postwar years faded into the Love Generation, it was more than just parts that were chopped off these motorcycles. Several people started customizing their bikes in order to suit their personal tastes. So there you have it - a brief history of choppers and customized chopper parts to match your every need.

As years would pass, choppers would become more and more advanced, to the point that parts weren't the only things getting removed from the vehicles. The '60s saw more people trying to customize their bikes any which way but loose, as long as it matched their tastes. Customized chopper parts soon became a craze and took the market by storm.

Tires are another significant feature of choppers. For an added dose of control, the front wheels are usually narrowed while the rear broadened, resulting in extra tight grip.

Other popular chopper parts include fuel tanks, body frames, seats and front and rear brakes. Several of these parts can be further customized upon the request of the owner. Before making the purchase, one must make sure the parts are from a genuine dealer and are compatible with the vehicle. Although some of them chopper parts would seem a bit pricey, they definitely serve to highlight the beauty and individuality of these lovely machines.

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