Discovering the Pros and Cons of Hard and Soft Tonneau Covers

By Kevin Carter

Tonneau is a tarpaulin or tarp usually placed on cargo wagons that are horse-drawn. It is used to protect the cargo from weather elements, dirt and dust. Nowadays, there are various types of tonneau cover to choose from. But, there are only two types of tonneaus that are sold in the market today - the hard tonneau covers and the soft tonneau covers. Each of these types of covers offers diverse benefits which is suited for the individual needs particularly to those who own pickup trucks. Listed below are some tips you can consider when choosing the right tonneau cover for your pickup trucks.

When looks are that important to you, the hard tonneau cover like the fiberglass ones are popularly preferred by many people for this reason are the best choice. They look cool because they can either be painted or come with the paint ready to match your truck. Usually, the soft covers are only available in black color. These tonneaus can be locked and offer the best security for your cargo even if you leave it alone in the truck.

A ford tonneau cover, on one hand, is created in a way that they are much stronger and heavier than the soft-top variety. These truck bed covers may often require gas struts which helps in closing and opening the cover, very similar to the hood of your truck or vehicle. When you choose not to use your truck in hauling large loads, the hard tonneaus will certainly look good as a finishing touch to the exterior of your truck. But, the soft tonneaus have also come a long way when it concerns incorporation technology as they can be opened and closed automatically with just a push of a button. These truck bed covers are constructed out of materials that provide sleek and smooth finish to the truck.

A tonneau cover can provide security and safety for the cargo that you haul, the materials that you bring along, and the tools that are needed for fixing your truck especially when something goes wrong. This cover will protect fragile or delicate cargoes that are easily damaged by the elements like harsh weather such as rain and snow. The tonneau cover with hard top, on the other hand, is the best choice when you haul cargo not exceeding the rail of your truck and if you usually bringing along expensive tools.

These tonneau covers with the hard top will provide the ultimate protection from the weather and from thieves by keeping the contents of your truck or your cargo out of sight. But the soft bed covers will also work just fine in providing protection against snow, rain, dust, and harmful UV rays. This type of cover even comes with optional locking devices. It also provides the same protection for your cargo as it prevents it from being blown around by the wind. The same as the hard covers, soft covers make your truck efficient by making it aerodynamic as it allows air to glide through the cover rather than create drag. This aids in making your truck fuel-efficient; giving more savings for gas.

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