Do Modern Cars Need To Use Fuel Injection Cleaner?

By Ben Mester

We're getting into an era where there are a lot of different sorts of cars on the road. Not only are electric cars and hybrids zipping around, utilizing the newest technology, there are old classics and junkers still on the road too. Some cars use carburetors, others do not. So how do you know if your car is a good candidate for fuel injection cleaner?

Most new vehicles likely will not ever need fuel injector cleaner. Gas nowadays has many additives that help to wash the injectors and keep the fuel components free from clogging and debris. The gasoline itself, in a way, doubles as injector cleaner. So unless you buy gasoline at a really cheap spot, you will probably never have issues with fuel flow.

Nonetheless older cars that have had plenty of time on the road and may have seen their equal share of gas without modern additives, these cars might be good candidates for injection cleaner. If your car is older and is having idling issues, meaning that the car shakes or sounds like it's going to die while you're stopped at a light, then your injectors are probably at least partially clogged.

But this may not be the sole problem. You can also have other fuel flow problems. With older vehicles, there's usually an assortment of small problems that all come together to result in one serious issue. Besides injectors, you might also have fuel pump or fuel filter problems, and you might even have things like water in your gas tank.

The cool thing about fuel injection cleaner though is that it's super cheap and extremely simple to utilize. All you have to do is dump a bottle in with a full tank of gas. It won't hurt anything if your injectors aren't clogged, and will get burned up as fuel by the engine. So if you're thinking you may need it, it really can't hurt, as long as you use it according to the directions.

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