The Electrical System Of Your Car Keeps It Running

By Brian Mclean

Many people really like driving a car, because of the usefulness, but at the same time have absolutely no idea how it runs. Its hard enough for many people to find enough time to get their car to a auto technician to have it checked over from time to time. It is simple to have the mindset, out of sight, out of mind, but just because the electrical system is out of sight, does not mean that it doesnt need to be maintained.

For those who know nothing about the workings of a car, the electrical system is only a cluster of wires. In reality, the small wires that wind throughout the car, are just a minor portion of the large system that delivers electricity that the car needs to perform. The electrical system of an automobile is not only complex, but also sophisticated, and it includes the battery, starter, voltage regulator, solenoid, generator, and fuse panel. The battery might be the main component of the car, but others are equally necessary. All of the electrical needs are supplied by the power of the 12-volt battery.

The battery pack is consistently being energized by the generator, or alternator. The alternator along with the engine are attached by a belt, and this operation keeps generating the battery, which keeps the car working. The voltage of electrical energy produced in the battery is passed on to the starter in order to start the vehicle. This is why if your battery is dead the starter is not going to start the car. This is why the battery is considered to be so important, given that without it, nothing in the automobile works. It retains all of the electrical power needed to make the car move, and also to enable the things such as clocks, radio and car alarm to function.

The electric battery functions by having six cells that are divided into negative and positive plates through insulators. A combination of water and sulfuric acid, helps make an electrolyte substance that they are then submerged in. Producing power is also created by the alternator, which is needed to run engine controls and other ignition devices. The belt-driven alternator is utilized to transform AC power directly into DC power. The greatest consumer of energy is the starter, and without this component working the car wouldnt start. To transmit energy it is necessary to use the battery, but it is administered by the solenoid, and is managed by the ignition switch. When you are getting into your vehicle and switch on the ignition switch, a lot happens, quite quickly to make your car start.

The electro-mechanical system of your automobile couldnt be complete without the fuse panel, which connects to every electrical device in your car. Inside this box is an abundant number of fuses, that can shield your car from overloads, or short circuits. If you happen to at least have a fundamental idea of how your cars electrical system works, it will possibly help you when you next need repairs.

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