The Electrical System Will keep Your Car Operating

By Jennifer L. Moore

Each day people drive their car or truck but most have little idea how the car runs. For many people, it is a challenge just to have their car go through a routine maintenance. It's far too easy for us to not think of it, but we need to make sure that the electrical system is properly maintained.

On the outside, the electronic system of a car looks like it's tangled mess of wires. In reality, the small wires that wind throughout the car, are just a minor portion of the large system that delivers electricity that the car needs to perform. The car or truck's power system is quite sophisticated as it features a battery, starter, voltage regulator, solenoid, generator and fuse panel. Although it may seem the battery is the most essential part of the system, the other parts are important as well. The power demands of the system are powered by a 12-volt battery.

The battery pack is consistently being recharged by the generator, or alternator. The alternator is connected to the engine by way of a belt which recharges the battery and keeps the car in motion. Once you turn the key, electric power from the battery is sent to the starter in order to start it up. Consequently, should you have a dead battery, there is no chance your car will be able to start. That's the reason the battery is such an essential part of your car's overall system. It holds all of the electrical power needed to make the car move, and also to permit the things such as clocks, radio and car alarm to function.

The battery operates by utilizing six cells that are separated into positive plates and negative plates by way of insulators. These are immersed in an electrolyte substance made up of water and sulfuric acid. The alternator similarly makes energy which powers the engine controls and ignition. The belt-driven alternator is utilized to transform AC power directly into DC power. The starter functions with the most electrical energy in order for the car to start. The electricity is monitored and controlled by the solenoid and also ignition switch. Whenever you turn the key to start the car, many things are going all at once to make your car go.

The fuse control panel is the key nervous system that hooks up all the electrical components of your car to the battery. In this particular box is an abundant number of fuses, that can safeguard your car from overloads, or short circuits. When you at least have a fundamental idea of how your car's electrical system works, it will maybe help you when you next need repairs.

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