A Few Steps For Performing Road Bike Maintenance

By Paul Phillips

Road bike maintenance is ever as important as maintaining any other vehicle because if not properly maintained the vehicle will break down. Below are a few tips for keeping a bicycle up and running in good condition. Because each model is different, it is important to save the user manual.

The most important step to be followed is keeping everything clean, this means that after the ride is done make sure to wipe everything down. Using a rag that has been dipped in a degreaser compound it is important to wipe down the chain. Also use clean rags to wipe down the remainder of the frame and handlebars to remove water or dirt.

Chain lube is also a good idea as it will keep the chain from rusting out and will also keep the other sprockets in good shape. The excess lube can be removed from the chain and sprockets at this time in order to allow it to dry completely. The lube needs to fully dry prior to riding as it will help prevent foreign particles from attaching themselves.

Tire pressure is another point to cover as low tires will make all the difference in the world when operating the machine. If the tires are low then there is a greater risk of receiving a flat while out riding around. Low air pressure also makes the pedaling all that much harder and in turn makes for an uncomfortable experience.

In the event that the bicycle has not been cleaned for a long period of time then it should be washed thoroughly. To do a thorough cleaning job, the bicycle may be suspended in the air using a stand or ceiling hook. Once suspended the wheels can be removed and washed separately using the same soapy water used to clean the rest of the assembly.

Additional items to check include brake pads to make sure they are still of sufficient level in order to continue stopping the bicycle. The cables should also be lubed at least 4 times a year; however, if the area has a lot of dust and moisture in the air, the cables will need to be lubed more frequently. While lubing the cables, the cable coverings should be checked as well to make sure they are still in good shape.

Road bike maintenance routines are the best way to make sure the bicycle will last for many years. Establishing a routine early on will also provide the owner with a degree of satisfaction for a job well done. Additional tips and information are available online and through local vendors.

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