Get a Considerable Settlement; Retain the Services of a Lancaster Personal Injury Lawyer

By Nikki Shields

Several considerable settlements and verdicts for animal attacks can be recovered by a reputable Lancaster personal injury lawyer. As a result of a dog bite or animal attack the injuries can be significant. Scarring and fractured bones are extremely common. Victims of dog bites can be left with life-long injuries and deformities even after plastic surgery. That is why it is very important get the maximum damage compensation claim.

Even though state laws vary, canine owners are usually regarded as legally accountable for their dog's behavior, and in most bite cases are instructed to pay all medical expenses as well as lost wages resulting from the attack. They can also be ordered to pay for the bite victim's pain and suffering. If the pet owner is specially negligent, such as letting a dog known to be dangerous run free, there might be multiple or punitive damages together with separate criminal charges.

There is a unique dynamic when injury cases, specifically dog attack cases go to the jury. It often seems like the jury believe that an individual should pay for the injury, for the human suffering and pain. If the dog owner does not have money than they will reach out and touch someone else, usually a landowner or landlord who would be expected to have insurance plan to cover the losses.

In one case, two men got into a physical fight in the home of the defendant and the defendant's dog bit the complainant. The jury returned a judgment for $100,000 but the judge set it aside saying that there was no proof of negligence. This was upheld on appeal but the dissent believed that the dog's barking during the verbal dispute, prior to the physical events, was sufficient notice that the dog might bite and would have found a duty and violation. Dogs bark constantly for a lot of reasons to convey a variety of messages, but the jury considered that someone should pay for the injury and used the barking of the dog as a slender reed upon which to support legal and financial responsibility.

Look for a Lancaster personal injury lawyer who has the expertise dealing with animal attack claims to investigate all possible reasons for recovery and obtain compensation. The dog bite laws are complicated and must be navigated cautiously by a seasoned injury attorney. It must be established that someone or corporation is liable for the attack by this vicious animal. For example, in some instances liability can be demonstrated on the owner of the animal for having a dangerous dog, but in other cases the owner of the property where the dog is kept may be accountable for allowing the dog to stay on the property unrestrained. Animal attack claims are often caused by aggresive dogs such as Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. Personal injury lawyers can get large financial compensation awards for injuries suffered because of bites from less aggressive breeds of dogs, and attacks by other types of animals, including horses.

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