A guide to small fishing boats - what types do you need

By Martin Reid

There are many choices when it comes to small fishing boats and it depends on the kind of fish that you are planning on catching and this article will cover the inflatable boats. Why you might ask because of two things they are very convenient and very reasonably priced. Other more traditional boats are hard on the pocketbook and even though they could be small in size they are still harder to move around than the inflatable ones. Again it depends on the type of fishing you want to do.

One very important thing to understand is the fact that you must buy a good quality type of inflatable boat one which will stand the test of time and wear and tear. Manufacturers who supply you with guarantees or your money back or also some free trials in case you find that this type is not for you would be a good one to choose. When you are a serious fisherman any of the following types of inflatable boats will be satisfying for your fishing needs.

We are going to discuss the three different choices which you can make with the inflatable boats.

1. Canoes and Kayaks- If you have a certain small amount of money in mind, then the kayaks and canoes which are inflatable are a good choice for you to buy. They are easy to get around and so manageable to take from one spot to another. If you want to move from one stream or river to another this will not cause a problem for you. Usually in these kinds of conditions you will find the small mouth bass and trout so if this kind of fish is your preference this would be a good fit for you. These boats are really for a person who likes to be on their own when fishing as they do not have any excess room for more than one person.

2. FoldCat & Frameless Pontoon Boats-These inflatable boats again are so convenient efficient and comfortable small boats for fishing that you can buy on the market. The FoldCat pontoon boat is for more than an individual by them self as with this boat you can take more than one person. They are best used on a small lake, a pond or also some rivers where you can use them also. Ideal if you want to fish alone as many fisherman would prefer so on a river it will work fine for the angler.

3. Float Tubes & Outcast Pontoon Boats-These boats are best known for the convenience to the fly fisherman because they are very versatile and best for small ponds and streams. If you prefer fishing for large mouth bass this boat would be ideal. This boat will take you into places where this fish likes to hide under fallen trees or in the reeds. Another fact is that you can take it into hard to reach places such as up a mountain to the lake on top.

Many weeds are another favorite place for the fisherman to find them and this type of boat will take them into these situations with no trouble at all. They can also be carried easily if say you are going to a lake that is on top of a small mountain.

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