Heavy Lift Cranes 101

By David Von Walland

The demand world wide for heavy lift cranes is on the increase. Used for large construction projects such as power stations; off shore drilling; and oil refineries; they can meet the demands placed on them. These machines are durable, and easy to transport to any job site, and all safety factors have been built into the design.

Refineries and plants are continually growing larger and in order to meet the demands of the blue prints, many very heavy parts have to be lifted into place. Being some of the greatest cranes invented to date, they have the capability of maneuvering extreme weight into position at great heights.

To aid further in the construction, the gigantic machine can lift and also reach across a span in excess of three hundred and ninety feet. This ability eliminates the necessity of constantly moving the crane from one position to another. It is an adjustable angle jib that allows for this reach.

In a matter of twelve minutes, this machine can lift its maximum weight and also move it across a span of three hundred and ninety three feet. Any project that demands this kind of maneuvering ability can have a machine very easily placed on your job site. It can be dismantled, transported, and put back together again within a period of time often not exceeding three weeks.

The tremendous reach of this kind of machinery typically negates any reason for moving the crane once it has been put on site. If moving the machinery does become necessary it is achieved by the use of rails or modular transporters. The strength of this machinery is one that works well in both cold and warm climates. They can also easily withstand hurricane force winds and low intensity earthquakes.

The standards set forth by the emission control guidelines are strictly adhered to in the operation of this machine. The force behind the power that drives this lifting device are hydraulic power pacts. Nothing could be more energy efficient while the crane is being operated. Its durability, safety, and efficiency, are all additional benefits that are part of the heavy lift cranes of today.

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