How Can I Get the Best deal for Your Motorbike Accident Claim?

By Bob Snowzell

Motorbike accidents happen at a far higher rate that automobiles, resulting in fatal accidents as well as other injuries. How can you find someone to take action on your behalf who you can trust to get you a fair compensation?

Motorbikes have a significantly higher fatality rate per unit of distance travelled in comparison to Motor cars. motor bike riders risk of a serious crash is al least 35 times greater than a motor car, for per vehicle mile.
In 2004, the UK Department of Transport issued information showing that motorcycles have 16 times the rate of serious injuries per 100 million vehicle kilometres in comparison to cars (Wikipedia)

Unmistakably, there is far more risk in being on a motorbike compared to a passenger vehicle, and as result, accidents take place. If as a motorcyclist, you have had the unfortunate occurrence to be involved in a motor cycle accident you need assistance.

Why should you make a Claim?

If you have had a motor cycle accident which you were not responsible for, and if you have been harmed, however small, it is often possible to obtain compensation against the other person's insurance. It is important to respond briskly. Financial recompense does not remove the suffering, but it can help to make up for the agony. Payment can be Reasonably substantial even for relatively slight injuries so it is usually advantageous to make a claim.

How can I Claim & is Claiming Difficult?

The enterprise that you designate should have a basic proceedure for claiming.Once you have supplied the company with basic details you can leave everything else to them. the company should recognise that your time is precious so there is no additional and time-absorbing form-filling and visits. They should have a method that is fully computerised, and should allocate you with a personal injury consultant who will manage your claim.

Your claim should be handled in a way that is suited entirely to your time schedule and availability.

Will a solicitor cost too much?

Your claim for compensation can be paid for in several various ways. You will be advised as to the most suitable course depending on your personal circumstances, but usually the most common procedure is what is known as a "Conditional Fee Agreement", sometimes referred to as "No Win, No Fee". The majority of personal injury specialists offer this type of agreement in all cases. If you are successful with your claim, in the majority of cases, you keep 100% of all recompense offered.

However,should you have the benefit of a Legal Expense Insurance policy issued by a trusted company they are able to take action for you under such a policy. If your claim does not succeed, your Legal Expense company will be required to pay all case costs.

Research the internet or ask people you know for a company who specialise in motorbike accident claims. Preferrably they need to provide countrywide services, matched to the different needs and challenges bikers face when they suffer an accident.

Other important requirements to look out for are:

Do they instruct you on the benefits of your claim and the best way to move forward?

Do they acquire all the required evidence to prove your claim?

Do they obtain authoritative medical information on your injuries no matter where you are located?

Do they acquire any other necessary reports e.g. motorbike valuation etc?
Do they pass on the claim to the other partys Insurance Business?

Do they negotiate an out of court decision if appropriate; or issue court action immediately?

Do they handle all appropriate court procedures with representation at any final hearing by a barrister who is a specialist in the personal injury field?

Do they acquire the best financial settlement on your behalf?

Once obtained answers for The above, you should be a lot wiser and able to appoint the best business to suit your claim.

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