How to select the right boat plan for your needs

By Martin Reid

To build a boat with your own hand doesn't have to be difficult but you should bear in mind that it can take quite some time to finish it. You will probably not be able to use it this summer, unless you're a very experienced boat builder that is. You will be able to use it as much as you want to next summer and it will be a great feeling to go fishing in a water vehicle that is your own masterpiece.

In order to succeed with this project you'll need the right boat plans and this is a very important part of your new project. You shouldn't even try to start working on your boat without proper boat plans since you will get very frustrated when you discover how difficult it is, not to say impossible. Even a total beginner without experience from woodworking can build a boat but not without the right boat plans.

You can find many different boat plans on the Internet and many of them are perfect and some of them will most likely suit all your needs. You need to start somewhere though and the first thing to consider is how much money you've got to spare. Can you afford to buy the right boat plans or do you have to use one of the free alternatives? It's definitely better if you can pay 40 dollars or something like that since you'll be able to get support as well if needed. You know that you will save about 50% of the cost compared to when you buy a boat, right? With that in mind it should be possible for you to spare 40 dollars, especially as you will get a much better result thanks to this purchase.

The next thing to figure out is the size of the boat. Would you like to get a big boat with a cabin? Sure, that's possible and it doesn't have to be difficult to build a boat like that. It will take more time though and it will require some patience from your side as well. Is a small one man fishing boat enough for you this time? Fine, it will be a fun experience to go fishing in your own masterpiece and it will be fun to build it as well.

You should also start thinking about the design. How do you want your boat to look? This is the third decision for you to make and when you've done that you're ready to start building your new water vehicle.

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