Information Regarding Chassis Dyno Tuning

By Javier Lopez

Chassis dyno tuning can provide the vehicle owner with a lot of information about that vehicle. Not only manufacturers but aftermarket automotive enthusiasts use this kind of equipment as well. It gives them a set of numbers to show them where the vehicle is at performance wise. They can use the system to both establish a base line as well as find out how much power they made after performing work on the vehicle.

Horsepower is probably the most common reading provided by this kind of equipment. The amount of torque that they vehicle is producing can also be read by the system. Someone that is trained to operate this will be able to diagnose any problems before they cause damage to the vehicle's engine or drive train. They are also great for getting more power out of modern vehicles that are detuned from the factory.

People that are involved in racing almost always check their vehicles by running it on one of these systems. It helps them make sure the car is performing how they want it to before they take it out onto the track. The car manufacturers also use them to ensure the vehicles are both safe and that they are able to pass different durability tests.

Before working on a race car many people choose to run the car in order to get what is called a baseline. A baseline is basically the numbers that the car had before making any modifications to it.

From the baseline the technicians will make any modifications that they are going to make. They can then make another pass on the system and compare the data to the base line to establish how much power they made.

Chassis dyno tuning is used by many different people for many different reasons. The manufacturers use them to ensure vehicles are safe for the general public to drive. Race car builders use them to help read the amount of power that their vehicle is producing.

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